Protect your online privacy against hackersSpotTheSpy informs you if anyone hacks into your e-mail or social media accounts from a different location than where you actually are - and gives you the possibility of throwing the hacker out!


SpotTheSpy keeps you safe

SpotTheSpy monitors the activity on your Gmail, LinkedIn and Facebook account and informs you if anyone else but yourself uses your accounts. Via the GPS in your telephone SpotTheSpy can see where you actually are - and compare that with where your online accounts are being used.


SpotTheSpy throws the spy out!

SpotTheSpy cannot prevent hackers from breaking into your accounts - but once it has happened you can, on the other hand, throw them out and immediately change your password, so that once again you are the only person who has access to your online accounts. 


SpotTheSpy provides security to all of your online accounts.

SpotTheSpy provides a complete security solution to all of your online accounts. You can decide for yourself which of your accounts SpotTheSpy monitors - but the more you register, the safer you are.