Why SpotTheSpy?

SpotTheSpy can be used by everyone!

Perhaps you think that it is only ministries, large companies, and the rich and famous who are hacked - but this is not the case. Online fraud and hacker attacks are being experienced like never before. More than 40k identity thefts happen every day and 1 in every 4 accounts will get hacked.

Protect your privacy!

It is not only IT criminals who pry into your e-mails and private conversations on social media - but it can also be your partner, a colleague or a friend. But no matter who it may be, SpotTheSpy will let you know when it happens to you. SpotTheSpy is unique, in that it is the only security device which compares your actual location with where your accounts are being used.

SpotTheSpy is your online burglar alarm!

The App does not prevent hackers or unwelcome guests for breaking in - but, on the other hand, you will immediately receive a message if your mailboxes or social media accounts are being used somewhere that is not your current location. SpotTheSpy does not monitor you, but your private data. A burglar alarm keeps an eye on your home and your private property - but instead of scaring away the burglar with a loud noise, SpotTheSpy gives you the possibility of throwing out the intruder yourself!