6 tips for Spring cleaning your digital footprints


Keeping track of multiple devices and digital accounts can be exhausting. Every piece of information shared online contributes to a user's growing digital footprint which isn't easily erased and can increase vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Here are 6 simple steps for smart sharing and enhancing cybersecurity, so that your digital footprint is much more organized and difficult to track.

Spend a few minutes to ace your cybersecurity game with these 6 simple guidelines

1. Google yourself: it could show if your identity shows up other where

2. Update the software on all your devices. Malware is designed to mine your digital footprint for personal information, and they are always being updated. So, it's important to update your protection to match.

3. Review and optimize settings for your apps – ensure they don’t have access to private information

4. Organize your email accounts and unsubscribe to avoid harmful tracking

5. Curate your social media accounts and update privacy settings

6. Install SpotTheSpy and get notified you if anyone gets access to your digital accounts