Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

By installing the SpotTheSpy mobile application, you accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and the processing of your personal data.

SpotTheSpy provides a mobile application that help users protect their privacy and secure their information. We value your privacy. Hence, we are committed to conduct our business in a way that increases the confidentiality of your personal information and make sure it's protected.

  1. SpotTheSpy monitor your online accounts in order to identify unauthorized activity on connected accounts
  2. You select for yourself which account you want SpotTheSpy to protect by signing into the specific account.

  3. SpotTheSpy does not keep your password on our servers. When connecting your account, you are logging directly into your account on your own device.

  4. You are responsible for maintaining and promptly updating account information accuracy and completeness of SpotTheSpy’s services

  5. To protect your online accounts, SpotTheSpy will access the accounts you have connected to the app and retrieve the data that is used to form activity patterns. This data may include IP addresses or mobile device identification, GPS data, time and date of account activity. The activity pattern are used to identify any suspicious behavior and alert you about possible unauthorized activity on your accounts.

  6. SpotTheSpy never sell, share or trade your email address or any other of you personal data to any third parties

  7. SpotTheSpy collect data about all visitors to our website and app, through Google Analytics and similar analysis tools. We use this information to improve your user experience and improve our service. The analysis services give us statistics about user demographics such as age, gender and interests. However, no personal information is collected during this process.

From time to time, it may be necessary to make changes to this privacy policy. Hence, we reserve the right to update or modify this privacy policy. However, we will always inform you about the changes. The date of last modification is stated at the bottom of this privacy policy.

By using the SpotTheSpy application you confirm that you have read and agree to this privacy policy and the terms and conditions. If you have any questions about our policies or practices, feel free to contact us at:

                                                                                                                                           Last modified: June 6, 2018