Danish IT company wagers on app to expose digital snoopers

Danish Linkfactory is in the process of patenting an app which can monitor whether, for example, hackers are looking over your shoulder in your inbox or on social media. Their first step is to develop a profitable business model in the European market, whilst the American market is also a part of their ambitions.

IT development house LinkFactory is on its way with its SpotTheSpy app, which sends its users a warning if other persons are logged in on, for example, their e-mail or Facebook accounts. It then offers the possibility of throwing the intruder out and changing the access code to the online account in question.

Work on developing the app began over two years ago, and this year SpotTheSpy could initiate the first tests of the app, which to begin has been launched onto the market in Denmark - and in Poland, where Linkfactory has a department. The app was initially released for Android operating systems, but soon an Apple compatible version will follow. To begin, SpotTheSpy can be connected to monitor people’s Gmail and Facebook accounts, but the company will quickly follow up with several more online networks that the app can monitor – their plan is to add one new network to the app every month.

“To begin, it will be social media sites we will add to the list,” says Ole Brockhuus, co-owner and founder of Linkfactory to Børsen, referring to Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.