How You Know You’ve Been Hacked

Its often difficult to determine whether your online accounts has been hacked or not. However, here is a few tips on how you determine whether your account has been compromised. 

An easy way to determine whether you have been hacked is with SpotTheSpy. The app alerts you the moment the app detects any suspicious activity on your online accounts! 


You might have been hacked if:

  • Friends and family are receiving emails or messages you did not send
  • Your Sent message folder has messages you did not send, or it has been emptied
  • Your social media accounts have posts you didn’t make
  • You can’t log into your email or social media account
  • Your email signature have been changed or contain links

In the case of emails with random links, it’s possible your email address was “spoofed,” or faked, and hackers don’t actually have access to your account. But you’ll want to take action, just in case.